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Introduction to Athletes Direct

Athletes Direct is a service designed to bring elite British sportsmen and women, who are members of the British Athletes Commission, together with schools, colleges and organisations across the country.

Members of the BAC are athletes from over 40 sports who have reached World Class potential or are on the journey to doing so. Their stories are unique, individual and inspirational, and can encourage children to take up sport or business people to achieve their goals.

Whether you are a school or college looking for an inspirational visit, a business or organisation looking to book a motivational speech or a member of the British Athletes Commission looking to make appearances, Athletes Direct can help. Read More >.

What can we do for you?


How it works

As a school, college or business you register, free of charge, to access our database of athletes. Once your registration has been accepted you are able to create events and invite your chosen athlete/s to attend. Read More >.